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Disaster Zone

It has officially started. My once clean office and sewing room has turned into a disaster zone. The crafting for Christmas is in fully swing, and the Etsy Store sewing has temporarily come to a close. There is too much to do to get ready for all the handmade gifts, so the pants and belts will have to wait again until after the holiday season. The shop will still be open to sell the items that are already made, but no new items for a little while. The bins of fabric are off the shelves, and piles of fabrics are being sorted through to find the perfect piece for this or that.

I am almost completely done with Jozef's toy, and I only have the hand embroidery parts left on that one. I am doing that in front of the television at night. Today I am working on cutting out some of the items for Craig's gift. I hope to have his fully cut out today. I am also working on another thing for Jozef. I am training up some new turtles to "stunt double" for his original one. I guess it has been loved almost to death, so we need some replacements to stand in since the original one can no longer do his own stunts. ;) I got all the pieces cut out:

I am working on them today as they need to be brought back to Illinois with me over the Thanksgiving holidays for stand in duties. I am going to take this opportunity to warn you all that blogging may become rather sparse now that I am starting to run on deadline for the holidays. I will again do the holiday round up at the end of the gift giving season, so that you can all see the toys and items I made for all the family this year. I hope that you come back and check in at the end to see it all. Until then, you can find out if I have a new posting by following me on Twitter or subscribing to the RSS feed for the blog. Till the next check in, I hope you all have great holidays next week and wonderful crafting times.
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