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The Jury is Out

Yesterday was kind of a pins and needles kind of day. Our jury system in California has a hotline that you call to see if you need to serve the night before your date. I called said number and was told to call back at 11 on the day of service. So, nervously I told Annie that she could head in for a girl's day but there were no guarantees of fun after 11 if I got called in to serve. She ended up deciding a few hours was better than no hanging out time, so we went to the restaurant supply store, and I also showed her the neighborhood a bit. Eleven o'clock rolled around, and it was time for the call to see what I was to do for the rest of the day. Luckily, they ended up not needing me, so we headed into the city for some girl time! It was very fun. We hit up some stores, had a fabulous lunch, rummaged through more cooking things, and headed to Imaginknit to check it out. It was a wonderful knitting store! Floor to ceiling yarns all in neat little bins just does something for me. I am not a big stash maker, but Annie had me convinced on this yarn.

It is made from recycled saris in India and is also fair trade. I am excited to eventually get to working on that. I also bought Annie a skein of a beautiful purple, blue, and green version of the yarn. It was a early Christmas gift to her as she brought me an early gift that day as well, a wonderful preservation book! I cannot wait to dive into some of the recipes!

In one of the kitchen stores, I managed to not talk myself out of buying a bread pan. I have wanted a French loaf pan for a while, and this one was too good to pass up.

The bread dough is in the oven right now proofing! I cannot wait to see how it turns out. Well I am debating going to craft night tonight at the Museum of Craft downtown, so if I go, I will report back tomorrow. For now I am off to get some sewing and kitchen cleaning done before heading out to 826 for tutoring. Happy crafting!
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