fabulous_pants (fabulous_pants) wrote,

First Stom of the Season

Do you hear that?! Listen closely! Yep, that is rain; actual rain hitting the windows of the studio. I could not be happier to hear that noise. While I love the constancy in weather out here, always around 75 degrees and sunny to partly sunny, having a switch to a real rain storm is wonderful. I miss the storms of central Illinois more often than I thought I would, and while not missing the snow, the lack of that clean feeling after a gully washing storm is something I could handle having around here more often. Things already smell cleaner and look cleaner, and the storm has just started. We have had a few brown outs this morning, but we still have power for now, hence the early blog posting. Today I am going to finish up those pants. I did not get any work done on them yesterday due to taking care of both Dan and myself. I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon, and I feel much better today for it. I worked mostly on the hairfalls that I have started. One is just about finished after leisurely working on them. If the power goes out, I am going to switch over to copying some of the patterns I will be using for this year's Christmas gifts. Well I am going to post this up since the lights just dimmed again, and I don't want to lose this posting. I will be drinking my tea and working on sewing as long as I can use the machine, then perhaps some hooky to read my book. ;)

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