January 25th, 2010

Store Stamp

New Week, New Goals

This week is already off with a bang! Things are getting increasingly busy as dance performances loom in the not too distant future! Friday was filled with house cleaning. The house had been rather neglected since the beginning of the winter crafting season, so I too to and started a deep clean of the house. Lots of items were sorted, organized, and put back in the places they belonged. Dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing of the living room, craft room, and bedroom were completed along with the usual Friday chores of laundry and business for Fabulous Pants. It was awesomely productive. Saturday was filled with dance sessions at the Fat Chance Studio. It was an awesome day there, as lots of the professional troupe were in attendance. We could get many perspectives and opinions on how to do different combinations as well as some wonderful performance tips and advice. It was, by far, one of the most enjoyable dance class sessions I have ever attended in my many years of dancing. The studio was filled with dance, laughter, and zaghareets.

Sunday was a recoup day before plunging headlong into this new week. I made some really great food out of both Cooks and Cooks Country magazines. We had their version of the Dutch baby pancake, and it dethroned our usual recipe for our new official recipe. We got to use two of our Meyer lemons in the batter, which was extra satisfying. I also picked up some blood oranges for a marmalade I am making for our friend.

She is always the gracious host for us during Bear's games, so it is only fair that she gets her favorite jam made for her in return. I hope to get that all made today. I have a good looking recipe in mind, but I am not sure if it will be bitter enough for her. I may do some more searching to compare what I have and what others suggest.

I also made some awesome s'more brownies from scratch! They were well worth the effort, and I believe that I am officially swearing off boxed mixes all together. I made a gram cracker crust on the bottom, added the brownie batter over that, then I melted some mini marshmallows once they were baked. I found this recipe in a Cook's Country from a few years ago, and it was a clear winner. Dan and I showed great restraint though and only took one each.

Today I am trying to be better about accomplishing things. My new idea is to adopt Google Task to try to get more done. I have downloaded an application for it to my phone, and I am hoping that having this new virtual to do list will allow me to be more productive. I have yet to cross a thing off that list, but as I finish this entry, I can finally tap that little box for my check mark to appear! Making marmalade is next, and then working on finishing up house cleaning and cutting out curtains. Hopefully I can get it all done before another studio session tonight! And now for that check mark!